 Workshop Info 

Our objective is to provide enjoyable, creative and innovative learning for children and young people through the inspiring process of animation. By means of exploring the techniques in each discipline, the participants will learn how to combine them in order to produce a cohesive piece of animation as the final outcome.

Working on a project will encourage children to generate their own visual language, helping them to recognise their talents and abilities. Our workshops are intended to bring out a sense of confidence and independence and to encourage the social skills involved in creative group work. For example, we leave time and space that is unstructured and undirected at times during the workshop to allow trains of thought time to develop. Then we would be there to help them realise the both the potential and limitations based on the particular aims of that workshop. Another way might be to make sure we allow those taking part to take leading roles to encourage them to have a perspective on the whole creative process.

Our workshops are open and flexible in order to reflect each school/organisation's individual needs. We intend to provide a variety of 'custom made' workshops, helping to draw on the creative drives of the children, whilst passing on our own skills and ideas.

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