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Schools: Cross-curriculum dimensions
We can each draw from personal experience we have in schools; Kathy has had a lot of in-class experience – secondary and primary, including special needs, while Chloe has been taking part in the well-known Secondary project called Rivers of the World. Jenny has worked with an organisation called Create to Learn, animating with young people and Eleni has had experience with more mature students in the Cambridge School of Arts teaching stop-frame and video to photographers. Between us we have a good base of knowledge about how schools function, including the main stream curriculum, specialist schools, ISA and budgets. Our experience as a working group allows us an expertise and flexibility that you will find professional and enjoyable to work with. We have close links with professionals within education and keep an up-to-date awareness of the school curriculum.

We have begun to develop workshop ideas that can be based around a topic or particular set of skills that you as a school wish to teach. Animation workshops can be a fantastic tool in schools. The creative process promotes

• Creative and critical thinking
• teamwork
• confidence
• storytelling and literacy skills
• photography and editing skills
• Problem solving
• Time management and prioritising skills

We are especially aware of the growing need to integrate technology into the school environment, and the challenges this can pose. By encouraging participants to use equipment themselves, we hope to empower a generation of young people to realise their creative potential. We feel that this is best done in a creative, inspiring and challenging environment, where technology is used alongside traditional making skills.

We can work with schools in a variety of set-ups:

• Term-time within school hours
• Half-term
• After-school clubs
• End of term days
• Fun days
• School holiday events,
• Teacher training and team building

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