 Private Hire 

Cardboard Cameras are also available for private hire for parties, events and community centres. We have hosted excellent parties for parents and children. Parties can be tailored to fit your preferences. For example, your child's favourite animal, place or hobby!

The parties are a great alternative to the traditional kids party. Everyone gets involved in a fun and interesting process that also involves learning new skills. The results are always amazing, as children get stuck in and release their creativity. Elements of the party always seem to sneak in.. as long as there is enough cake and jelly about!
Animation parties aren't just for your birthday. Why not try out an animation party as an end of school event, team-building exercise... the possibilities are endless as this informal introduction to stop frame animation is very flexible.

Services that we offer in this category include:

• Animation Party: stop-frame animation party based around a theme.

• Pixelation Party: costume and dress up where the party goers get to really be a part of the action.

• Face painting- we can offer a face painting only party, or include it as part of an animation party.

Included in our fee all of the party goers receive a specially tailored and edited copy of the animation to keep and treasure. These are edited after the event and then sent to the host.

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