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Are you a gallery who wants to expand your education program? Would you like to engage with the local community? If so get in touch!

We have been working with galleries to create an environment for young people to engage with art. Using existing works as a basis for animation projects, our workshops help young people to cultivate their opinions about art practices and theories and the media in which artists work. We aim to encourage free creative ideas to challenge preconceptions about galleries, thus providing a platform for the gallery to engage with the general public.

Working alongside curators and artists we tailor-make collaborative projects, using idea’s from exhibition themes to create exercises and projects. The Artist’s involvement in sessions is encouraged and can become an excellent part of the process, where skills are readily exchanged.

Workshops can run as one off all-day sessions, recurrent shorter workshops or special drop-in events. To give you an idea of how our workshops are structured, here is a basic insight:

We find ways to explore form, colour and ideas behind the works, how they make us feel and ideas that spring from them. From interactive games and exercises a character, story or event is developed. Through the processes of critical exploration, astute drawing and mark making exercises we teach some ways of expressing intuitive thought; these in turn become direct interpretations of the art that we originally looked at. To emphasize the importance of process, we take steps to develop techniques and skills for model making, illustration, photography and filmmaking. As opposed to instructing, the emphasis is on facilitating creative decision-making and seeking and working with peoples’ strengths.

If you would like to see projects we have done in the past, please see the children’s showcase in our Cardboard Cinema.

Watch Videos from our Gallery Workshops >>