 Festivals and Events 

For us, festivals and events pose new and interesting challenges each time. Animation is traditionally a slow, structured and methodical process. Yet at festivals and events participation is more transient: sometimes someone will want to drop in and have a look, whilst another might get stuck in and want to spend all day.

We like to focus on the event and what it is about therefore, we can tailor-make our workshops to your festival and theme.

There are endless ways we could devise workshops, for example;

• Walkabout; we could pixilate the movement of people within the festival
• Workshops with timed slots
• Drop-in on all day sessions
• Ongoing group collaborations/projects throughout the festival
• Collaborations with other tents or areas at the festival or independent.

We work on a large and small scale with movement, art, shadows, costume, face painting, fun and games to create an amazing festival event. All this in a safe environment where everyone can come along and join in.

At festivals and events we try to think up ways to help people capture ideas and moments and bring them together to create something new. Festivals are often made up of lots of fun little things to do that are all happening at the same time, secret corners and surprise happenings: we enjoy the challenge of helping to bring it together in an animation.

Watch videos from our Festivals and Events workshops >>