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 Ready Meal 

Ready Meal was a group exhibition at The Sunday Painter gallery and it featured works by the artists John Wilkins, Nicholas Hatfull, Elizabeth Graham & Ben Wheele.

It incorporated sculpture, painting and print with food functioning as a motif that is to be processed and recomposed. The workshop was split in two sessions. In the first one we focused on the creation of a character based on the raw emotions that a piece of work evoked on the participants.

Starting from looking at the work, the children were asked to pick the piece that appeared most interesting to them. Remaining in the gallery space and after talking about the work and everyone’s choice, we did a series of creative exercises that freed the children from trying to interpret the work and ended up with words that revealed their raw emotions and first impressions. These words were then translated in color, mark making and shapes, displaying each individual’s brain associations.

We reflected upon all this with the children and talked about their new understanding of the work. Using all this material, they then created a character that performed in front of the piece of their choice. On the second part of the workshop we focused on teamwork and storytelling.

The same technique was used with an aim to translate their impressions in actions that were later combined to create a story. They all took on a role of a member of a production team and created a little story entirely built, directed and filmed by them.

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