 Our Story 

We met with a shared excitement about the possibilities that learning environments can provide, with a particular interest in art, movement and object manipulation.

We soon began to see the potential of linking our particular disciplines and experiences, and soon set our sights on animation, with its many related processes.

It has always been important to us to put ideas into practice and to develop through the experience of running workshops; so where planning and sharing ideas is a central part of our group, we have tried to open this out to the community wherever possible. Early on, we were lucky enough to form part of the education at a gallery in Peckham, and it was here that we were first able to gather a group of local children and young people and to start doing just that.

We have now been working for over two years, developing an array of workshop models and exploring many avenues within the community. Collectively we have worked in numerous schools and colleges, and various festivals and events. Commencing our program in December of 2010, we are very excited about what the future holds.